Grant Boyer Website design and development

About The Artist

Grant Boyer‘s developing solo career has become an attention-worthy endeavor. Numerous hard rock tours, albums, and late nights never get old in this scene. Neither does a thrashing rocker settling down with an acoustic guitar in a dimly lit room.
Grant’s first solo release in the spring of 2009 has been a long time coming and a worthwhile wait. Although his plans are to stay on the big stage supporting a much more aggressive delivery of music, you can now sit and enjoy a more soothing release of emotion. Stay informed of upcoming tour dates in your area.

The Project

Admiral Creative provided the following web design and web development services:

  • Custom web redesign
  • Implemented on-page SEO
  • Added upgraded backend with author access for blogs
  • Post Tour Dates, Venues, Organizers using a simple form
  • Added events plugin with ticketing option
  • Implemented a custom Front-End Design and Back-End Development
  • Server setup and migrating web hosting and managing domain forwarding
  • Email and Newsletter setup/integration

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